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  • Air Fresheners

    Air Fresheners (14)

    Eliminate Foul Odours in a Jiffy! Order from the Best Car Air Fresheners at CleanerCar! Air fresheners are no longer just a part of our homes. Its role is indomitable in cars to make every road trip a pleasant experience. Right from eliminating nasty odour from the leftover pizza to creating a comfortable driving space for your family to enjoy…
  • Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner

    Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner (35)

    Best Deals on Car Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner for Car! Car is no less than one’s second home. It’s much like a living room with large windows overlooking the streets, where people spend most of their time while commuting to the office, market and every other place of interest. Just as one maintains hygiene at one’s residence, it’s important to…
  • Interior Dressing

    Interior Dressing (14)

    CleanerCar Car Interior Cleaning Products - The Secret to a Lustrous Finish on Surfaces One of the hallmarks of a standard car washing chore is car interior dressing. Much like a conditioner, it brings out a sparkling shine on hard surfaces including plastic, leather, rubber, metal and wood. All thanks to manufacturers like CleanerCar for coming up with strong formulas,…
  • leather Care

    leather Care (3)

    Revive The Plushness Of Your Car’s Leather Seats With Leather Care Products Leather, as a material, has always been a symbol of luxury in cars. Partially because it’s durable and mostly because it’s pleasing to the eyes, stylish and comfortable, leather has grown up to be the most sought-after materials of all in the automotive world. Such is its popularity…
  • Plastic & Trim

    Plastic & Trim (18)

    Complete the Shiny Look of your Fancied Car with Tyre and Trim Dressing A well-detailed car doesn’t just maintain hygiene, have its interior vacuumed, exterior washed, window cleaned and the surface polished, but also takes into consideration tyre and trim dressing. After all, a grubby tyre and scuffed trims are a complete turn off and a barrier to extended life…


  • Car Shampoo

    Car Shampoo (15)

    Clean The Dirt Off Your Vehicle With The Best Shampoo For Car Looking for an excellent shampoo for car to get your vehicle sparkling clean? CleanerCar is simply the name to count on. Ever since our establishment, we have been providing the highest quality car cleaning products second to none. Our enviable reputation for offering professional quality car wash shampoos…
  • Glass Care

    Glass Care (14)

    Give Your Vehicle The Perfect Shine With The Best Car Window Cleaner Seeking a top-rated car window cleaner to keep your vehicle’s glass surfaces streak-free? Look no further than CleanerCar. Counted among the leading car cleaning brands in Ireland, we excel in providing a wide range of automotive glass cleaners. Our vehicle care range is specifically developed to give every…
  • Traffic Film Remover

    Traffic Film Remover (25)

    Use Biodegradable Traffic Film Remover To Keep Your Car Gleaming Do you wish to get rid of traffic film, road grime, grease, oil and dirt from your car? Look no further than CleanerCar. Our multi-purpose traffic film remover is designed as a heavy duty car cleaning solution to remove dirt, oil, grease and tar without damaging vehicles. Made using eco-friendly…
  • Wax and Sealants

    Wax and Sealants (16)

    Get Top-Rated Car Waxes At The Best Prices Looking for premium quality car waxes to add shine and all-round protection to your vehicle? CleanerCar is your one-stop source for everything related to car cleaning. We are a reputable automotive cleaning brand second to none in the industry. Our commitment to providing the best wax for cars at affordable prices makes…


  • Iron Remover

    Iron Remover (1)

    Make Your Car Contaminant-Free With The Best Iron Remover Spray Do you wish to get rid of the embedded contaminants lurking on the surfaces of your car? Using CleanerCar Iron Remover Spray can be your ideal way to remove even the most stubborn stains. We are a reputable car cleaning brand that provides pH-balanced iron fallout removers which you can…
  • Tyre Dressing

    Tyre Dressing (5)

    No matter what, tyres are supposed to get dusty and faded with time, yet still, when it comes to car finishing, the job would not be truly finished without the suave shine of clean and dressed tyres. Achieve That Dark Spotless Shine Again Tyre dressing is an important step in car detailing, that is about restoring faded, dusty tyres to…
  • Wheel Brushes

    Wheel Brushes (9)

    The wheels are mostly exposed to dirt and dust of the road than any other part of the car exterior, therefore, it requires special attention to achieve that professional showroom shine. Transforming musty automobiles into immaculate vehicles. Even if you use heavy-duty wheel cleaners and solvents to the cause, you can’t complete a thorough wheel cleaning process without using an…
  • Wheel Cleaner

    Wheel Cleaner (15)

    Get The Perfect Finish On Your Car With The Best Wheel Cleaner Spray Are you on the lookout for ways to get a set of spotless wheels? CleanerCar is the name to rely on. Our extensive knowledge of car cleaning products gives us the expertise to offer natural alloy wheel spray to our customers. We are a premier car cleaning…