Pro Range Exterior Wash Kit



1 X 500ml Quick Detailer  – Gives a radiant shine to a vehicles paintwork and protects for many weeks. CleanerCar Quick Detailer may also be used to coat and protect alloy wheels, seal exterior glass with amazing hydrophobic properties, used to dress engine bay plastics and rubbers. Also suitable for maintaining all exterior plastic and rubber components.

1 X 500ml Citrus Pre-Clean – Citrus PreClean is a pH neutral formula that removes hard to shift grime without damaging coatings. It combines an effective citrus degreaser, with a foaming agent, making it tough on road grime and bug splatter.

1 x 18L Bucket – minimizes the risk of swirl marks when you wash your car. With a strong bodied, hard wearing plastic material and strong metal handle our buckets are perfect for any car washing task.

1 X  Grit Guard – Helps prevent swirl marks inflicted during the wash process when small particles of dirt and debris are rubbed across the surface of the paint.

1 X Large Drying Towel -This drying towel soaks up water effortlessly, making it a very effective and safe way to dry your vehicle. At 24 x 36 inches this towel is huge, so one towel is more than enough to dry your car.

1 x Microfibre Wash Mitt has optimal glide, contaminant capture and release characteristics. It combines its inner foam core that retains a very high volume of wash solution and durable construction. Inner foam reservoir designed to hold as much soap solution in the mitt as possible.

1 X Venus Super Pro+ sprayers come with a directional and adjustable nozzle tip, viton seals, a base rim for stability and protection, and visible strip to check fluid level.

5 x All Purpose Microfibre Cloths – An exceptional cloth for glass, interior cleaning and dressing. Where other microfiber towels simply smear product around, our Ultra Fine cloths cuts through grime to reveal the clarity and beauty of your glass and interior plastics.

1 X 500ml Bead Master is a brand new Nano Tech Exterior Protection Sealant that is incredibly easy to apply. Bead Master is perfectly safe to use on any other coating or existing wax layers. It can also be used as a stand alone sealant on all exterior surfaces including glass, plastics and alloys. Keeps your vehicle protected and looking cleaner for longer.


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