Vikan Upholstery Brush (Nail Brush) 120mm


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Vikan Upholstery & Nail Brush

Item number: 644052

Durable brush which is ideal for upholstery and carpet cleaning. Constructed of tough Black polypropylene and red/green polyester bristles – stiff 70 x 115 mm

120mm x 50mm x 40mm



CleanerCar are proud to distribute Vikan cleaning Products in Ireland.

Vikan brushes are available in various sizes as well as task- specific cleaning tools for the commercial transport industry.  Vikan provide all the tools required to maintain your fleet and your reputation.

Vikan is the world’s leading supplier of hygienic cleaning tools for the food and beverage industry and other hygiene-sensitive environments. With headquarters in Denmark and over a century of experience, we’ve amassed the industry’s biggest bank of hygiene and regulatory insights, and used this to develop the world’s most effective professional cleaning tools and advisory services. All to make sure that our customers can deliver each and every product they manufacture with pride and confidence. When you do business with Vikan, you can count on a hygiene partner that is acknowledged worldwide for professional tools, expert advice, functional design, superior quality and a pioneering spirit.


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